Teaching running drills for vault

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about running. Running drills are common practice in most gyms. But I often feel like they get glossed over. People do them because they feel like everyone does them, or because they “should” do them, but they aren’t really used to their full efficacy. Like anything else, to be effective your gymnasts have to be conscious of what they are doing, actively trying to make it better, etc.

This first set of running drills is really good. Especially when working with little ones. The seated one can be especially good because teaching gymnasts how to run effectively using their arms can be an issue.

This second video is more the standerd set the a lot of gyms do. But like I said before doing these wont make a difference unless your athletes are actively aware of their form, trying to make things better, quicker etc.

Train hard!

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