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Today I’m going to talk a little bit about cartwheels and round-offs. They are one of those things we start with kids SO EARLY, but often we end up tweaking them all the time. When they back tumble, when we teach yurchenkos etc. It’s rare that you teach a child how to round-off and never end up tweaking how they do it as they move up.

This first video is actually a video of a few different drills for cartwheels for pre-schoolers and rec kids. The first one is actually my favorite. Especially if you can put something down on your mats (even if it’s chalk) to signify where hands and feet go. Ohh, also, stickers on feet and hands? Great for teaching cartwheels. It avoids that wrong hand going down first thing.

This second video is a GREAT round-off drill. There are so many issues it addresses, from going around the side to the shape in the middle, to bringing legs together too early etc. It’s pretty awesome.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Maggie Ohara’s Website

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