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Today’s post is about “attacking” the beam. Gymnasts learning to “go big” and really put all the power they have into their skills on beam is highly necessary. Yes, I agree everything on beam needs to be highly controlled, but in doing that we cannot sacrifice power or height of skills. I wanted to share a few videos today of gymnasts really attacking the beam. One of the things that prevents our gymnasts from performing like this is fear. So it’s essential that you get your kids as comfortable on beam as possible, and no just comfortable, doing slow moving skills, but comfortable leaping, jumping, and flipping every which way.

This first video is of a really nice double back dismount. But look at the set-up. There is no doubt that she is going for that skill as hard as she can. ALL of our athletes should be doing that.

This second video is of Simone Biles. In my mind the is a great example of what “attacking” the beam looks like. There is nothing being held back.

Btw, if you’re looking for a Beam Pad

For more drills and exercises to create strong, confident, technically correct beam workers look here:
Building Up Beam: Drills to Build Confidence and Correctness

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Photo credit: Erin Costa

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