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Today I’m going to talk a little about something I don’t talk about specifically very much, and that’s gymnast care. I’m a big proponent of having good physical therapists in the gym (specifically ones who focus on sports). I was INCREDIBLY lucky to have a great physical therapist while I was going through some injuries in the sport and I still continue to see him because he is so good. That being said, some programs can’t afford to bring them in, or our gymnasts can’t get in to see them enough etc. There is some general kind of “gymnast care” that I think coaches have a responsibility to learn. Not to replace these professionals, but because we want to do our best to keep our athletes safe, happy and healthy.

This first video is a nice video by Gymnast Care about low back soft tissue work. A LOT of gymnasts have pain there, and there are some good things that we can do about it. Limiting hard landings, strengthening some key muscles, but some soft tissue work is a GREAT add on. It can give your gymnasts some good relief and allow them to keep training well.

Gymnast Care also has some really good videos about KT Tape application

This second video is a really good rehab/pre-hab/stability exercise. I firmly believe it is HUGELY important to have a pre-hab list in your gym and that your kids should be doing it on a consistent basis. It will reduce injuries and overall allow your athletes to feel better and be more productive.

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