Teaching vault when you can’t vault

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Today I’m going to post some yurchenko drills. These drills are great side stations but even more than that these are great to use if you’ve got kids who are injured and can’t vault, or if you really need to work on vault but you can’t get into the rotation that day etc. There are always ways to work skills that don’t require the specific equipment they are done on.

This first one is a lovely short little circuit by Mary Lee Tracy. I like that it contains each part of the vault, though I would like to add a round-off type station at the beginning. Whether that be a cartwheel step-in up to a panel mat, or something of the like. Like I said, all of these things can be done as side stations. Or it your vaults desperately needs work you can set this entire circuit up on floor during some of your floor time.

This second drill is very similar to the first drill in the last video. Though it’s on a tumble track so I would be comfortable doing more reps of it. It’s important to teach your gymnasts how to turn over with flat hips and an open shoulder angle, and this (especially on tumble track where they are bouncing after) helps them figure it out.

If you would like to find more drills like these click here for my mini ebook on beginning yurchenko progressions – Beginning Yurchenko Progressions

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Joel Olivier

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