Using Props to Help Young Gymnasts

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Today I thought I would share a couple videos that use props. My feeling is that the more props there are in a gym the better. Not just for preschool classes, but I pull from “pre-school” props all the time for my team girls. Bean bags, jump ropes, carpet squares, cones etc can all be used in hundreds of different ways. The more of these I have to play with the more creative I get.

This first video is using a stuffed bear which is cute. I really like giving gymnasts something to look at, it can improve their body shapes really quickly. I like the hollow drill as well, though I’ve actually seen a version of it that I like better. A friend of mine used to do the same drill with her gymnasts except she had those small plastic rubber chickens that make a noise when you squish them (they were substantially smaller than the bear which I also like). That way when the gymnasts pushed their backs into the ground the chicken made a noise, which they found hilarious, and it was great for positioning and awareness.

This second video is a great little preschool video. The part of it that pertains to this post is the first part where the gymnast is trying to stay in line with the foam block but you can do all kinds of things with foam blocks. Including having them squeeze it in between their legs and chest in a tuck position, trying to keep their foam above their heads to have their arms close together etc. Foam can be a great tool.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Retford Gymnastics UK

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  1. Jacqueline Redding says:

    Thank you for the instructional videos. I have been teaching gymnastics for over 17 years. At times I feel stale. It is nice to receive information on renewing and refreshing up my skills.

    I am looking forward to receiving your newsletters and more instructional sites.

    Thank you,
    Jacqueline Redding
    Gymnastics Instructor & Parent of a Competitive Gymnasts

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