Using foam (and other props) for drills

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a couple videos of things you can do with foam and other props. When I’m coaching I use a lot of foam. It’s just so easy, whether it’s having rec kids pick it up from one side of the beam and take it to the other, having optionals throw them for yurchenko drills or using them as personal place markers for round offs, you name it.

This first video is a great way of teaching kids to have their arms together. What you can also do it have them start with the foam between their arms (already by their ears) about two inches above their wrists so that way they don’t have to try to coordinate the grab.

This is a video I found of a neat little machine entirely made out of foam. Again, a lot of these drills can be really easily set up using foam blocks. Also, one of the gyms I worked at had foam sticks, similar to the Fun Sticks that Tumbl Trak makes but super soft (I have no idea where to find them), but they were AMAZING for drills like these. Definitely something to invest in if you see them.

Train hard!

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