Uses for stall bars and therabands

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Today I wanted to share a few more uses for stall bars with you. I shared an old post about stall bar uses on Facebook last week (you can find it here), but today Rebecca Sykes has made that list even longer.

Uses for stall bars and therabands

I think a lot of us may get stuck in a rut, only using stall bars for 1,2 or maybe 3 things. My suggestion would be to make a list of ALL the uses you can think of and tape it up next to your stall bars that way if your sick of leg lifts that day, or just want to work different muscles, the information is right there.

I like this variation on leg lifts. By adding resistence it changes the exercise completely.

A lot of people forget that when you work core muscles, you also have to work back muscles. Love seeing them worked together.

Finally, this one is just really cool. A little curious how long it takes to get into and out of, but I love the idea.

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