Teaching gymnasts to use their feet to punch

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little about punching. Teaching gymnasts how to punch and push=through their feet early is completely imperative. It’s also, often fairly difficult. I wanted to share a couple videos that might give you some ideas as to how to build these drills into your program.

If you do anything with panel mats in your warm-up this is an easy one to add (you can even do it as a side station on floor after tumbling passes). The more you can teach gymnasts that punch doesn’t just go one direction the better off you’ll be.

This second video shows the first drill and more. If your gymnasts shapes aren’t exactly what you would like them to be. I would avoid using the weights. It won’t help their shapes. The over, back, up drill is an especially good one it starts at 1:43. Just know that you are going to have at least one or two splats…fact of life.

Train hard!

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  1. Dallas says:

    I really love these drills but you need to caution people; this is a plyometric exercise and when starting an additional plyo cycle some research into the frequency, intensity, # of reps and rest time is needed.

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