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Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about tumbling. It’s a long process getting kids understand really how push through their feet, get off the floor, be tight etc. In order to create strong, powerful tumbling. Honestly it’s one of those things that doesn’t have a quick fix. I think it needs to be taught young, and it needs to be consistently drilled throughout the gymnasts career.

I REALLY like this set of plyos that Mary Lee Tracy posted. I know a lot of gyms do them onto and off of panel mats, but I think A) this is a really good isolation drill (the one footed stuff) and B) it’s a bit easier when you aren’t going on and off mats so you get a better quality out of your little ones.

This one is just one I seriously believe in, and that’s tumbling up. Once kids are proficient with a skill. Wherever they are and whenever they are doing it basically I want them tumbling up. Whether it’s level 7s doing their layouts onto a couple of stacked 8″ mats, or level 10s doing double back timers onto a resi mat + an 8″.

Train hard!

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