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So today I thought I’d talk a little bit about leaps and jumps. Gymnastics is beautiful, the entire sport. I’m in love with almost everything about it. But I have to say, really well done jumps and leaps…there is almost nothing better. The difference between a good leap and a great leap, well that’s something to relish, something to work for. I love, love, love pretty leaps and jumps. So, here are some ideas for you and your kids.

This first drill is one of my favorites. I love using it when kids are learning switch leaps. I think having the board there among other things helps kids take a longer step into their switch which I like. I also just like the height it gives kids to help them feel what the skill needs to feel like.

This second video is a great one for helping kids engage their back legs. A lot of us end up saying “your back leg isn’t high enough” over and over again. Sissones can be a huge help with that, and leaping up onto a mat is almost always a good idea (in my personal opinion).

What are your favorite leap and jump drills?

Photo Credit:
Heather Maynez

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