Ultimate Up-training

Hi All,

I know I’ve been talking a decent amount about summer being here and uptraining (link). But I thought I would do another post on some ideas for everyone. Summer is such a fun time in the gym. New skills, intense workouts, getting a lot accomplished, seeing kids conquer fears and goals. I seriously LOVE this time of year.

This first video is a neat little bar sequence being done by a level 6. I love teaching kids the shapes and feeling of skills early, even if they aren’t quite ready to do them by thereselves. I think it gets rid of a lot of the fear that comes up with trying to teach higher level skills only to higher level athletes.

This second video is of another stalder progression. Summer is a great time to get a lot of strap work in. This is a great progression for kids to play around with.

What are your favorite summer uptraining ideas?

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  1. sircey says:

    is she wearing an elitesportzband??? i have one too!!! 🙂

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