Ultimate Bars Conditioning

Hi All,

Alright, the title may be a little overstated, but this stuff is HARD. A lot of people end up asking me “how can I get more conditioning in during short practices?” My first answer is always how are you using your time in between turns? In between turns is some of the best time to get your conditioning in, especially when it doesn’t get kids in the horrible mood of “conditioning time” which sometimes happens.

This first video was so kindly sent to me by Mike Durante of Aerial Athletics. He says it’s a total ab and arm killer, and kids will start really feeling it after about five, but he has gymnasts do sets of 20. Try it out!

This second one is one that I know a lot of people use (or do in some variation), and it’s one of my favorites. But look at this girl. Forhead touching the floor. Now that’s strong.

Train hard!

ultimate bars conditioning

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