Two quick conditioning stations for shoot throughs

Hi All,

I wanted to share a couple quick conditioning stations that you can do for shoot throughs today. I have my particular set of drills that I like to do for shoot throughs but I don’t always have access to those pieces of equipment, and also, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. So I thought I would share a couple more today.

Two quick conditioning stations for shoot throughs

This first one is a really nice use for a pommel horse if you’ve got one being unused in the gym. You can also use p-bars for this, when using p-bars you can tie a theraband around the bars or the stands and have kids mimic a shoot through and put their leg over the theraband. It works great.

This second one is one that I had actually forgotten about. It’s one that I used to really like for strength building, you can also do hopping when the kids get strong. But often one of the problems with shoot throughs is just lack of strength and this is great for that.

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