Twisty Turny — It’s a progression — Part 2

Hi All,

So this is my first “second part” post but I have SO MANY videos on pirouettes I thought I would share more (here is the original). These are important skills to teach right as they have a progressive nature and while early technical problems may not impede the gymnast temporarily, down the line it may make life very difficult.

This first video is another one that was filmed at Colorado Aerials. The main part I want to emphasize about this video is the first part, the kip, cast handstand 1/4 turn. That is because this drill helps gymnasts turn with their shoulder over their hand. Yes, it does require a decent amount of spotting. But it is SO WORTH IT.

This second video is another lovely video put out by Mary Lee Tracy. I especially like the unspotted touch and turn drills on bars later in the video. Of course, these are being done by girls who have been doing pirouettes for a LONG TIME. I wouldn’t use these as a progression but more to fix things. Either that or SPOT THEM.

What are your favorite pirouetting drills?

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  1. […] this is the 3rd (well really the 4th) installment of this segment of drills for pirouettes (Part 1, Part 2, Blind changes). Every time I write one of these I realize how many pirouetting drills there are, […]

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