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Hi All,

So today I thought I’d share a couple videos of things that at this point I haven’t tried but at some point would love to. There are tons of things that I come across in clinics, or even just wandering around the gym that I try to kind of put on a mental list of things to try (there is occasionally a physical version too).

Fun Friday

This first video is of what looks like a neat vault drill, but I think I would have to see it in person, and actually see what effect it has on vaults. Has anyone tried this drill? What effect has it had?

Oh, and the Sweet Spot in this video? One of my favorite things. Have you ever tried one? They’re AMAZING.

This second video is of a fairly typical tkatchev drill, but the girl is in a bungee spotting belt. I think this might actually give a much better approximation to the amount of time in the air and also be a little less jarring (ie. bouncing on your back on the tumble trak can be uncomfortable after a while, and bouncing off a trampoline will feel different than swinging). By the way, the AWESOME quick flex bar that is used in this video can be found HERE.

Train hard!

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