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Today I am going to share a few drills for clear-hips from Daniel McCarty of R Athletics. Clear-hips are one of those things that in my opinion just take awhile. From the time we first start drills to the time when kids can actually clear-hip handstand, it’s usually a pretty long wait. That being said, the wait is worth it if you are doing the drills correctly and your kids come out with nice shapes, and a clear-hip handstand that has straight arms etc. Here are a couple drills I really like.

Training the drop into clear hips

Here the gymnast is using a kind of modified Kip Wheel (so that it hangs a little lower). It’s a GREAT drill for shaping, teaching kids how to push down on the bar, and also teaching them how to drop their shoulders back which can be one of the hardest parts in clear-hips.

This second drill is done that I really, really like and the Bungee Incline is perfect for it. You can also do a similar drill with stalders. I think using the Bungee Incline instead of a cast really helps gymnasts get the feeling of open hips before dropping back beneath the bar.

Train hard!

Bungee Incline // Kip Wheel

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