“There isn’t enough space!”

Hi All,

So, in talking to other coaches this is the single most common complaint I hear coming out of their mouths. That on any given day, their kids aren’t getting enough time on floor, or another group comes too quickly to bars or they have great ideas for drills and no where to to set them up. This is the point where we all need to get a little creative. I try to figure out ways of working an event if we are on every other event. Ie, how do I work things I need to fix on bars if we only have beams available etc. But today I’m going to focus on tumble trak, because really it’s amazing how much you can get done on it.

This first drill is a drill I really like to use for vault. It seems to teach kids how to turn upside down well. The one thing you have to watch out for is some kids incorporate EVERYTHING from the drill into their vault (ie. then you end up with a bent kneed kick), so be careful how you explain the transition.

This second video is a way of working bars on tumbl trak. I really do like the attachment, and feel like it can be an extremely good side station. Though I think a lot of coaches get stuck doing the normal giant drills with it, and this is a different take on what can be done.

// Quick Flex Bar //

How do you best make use of space?

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