There are some things…

Hi All,

Okay, so we all have weaknesses. Weaknesses in our knowledge, skills, and possibly our philosophies. I am the first to acknowledge that I have many. So today’s post is actually about one of mine. And that is spotting anything that twists. Granted I haven’t spent A LOT of time with learning this anyone who can really teach me it well. But still, I identify it as a weakness and something I would like to improve in the future. That being said I am SO impressed with people who do it well. Good spotters are hard to come by.

This first one looks like a REALLY awesome yurchenko progression. But definitely goes on the list of things Zari is not going to spot any time soon. Any else tried this?

This is a nice twisting drill I’ve seen done before, seems like something I would be more likely to spot, but still going on the list of ” needs to be done with someone who does it all the time first.”

Train hard!


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