Ten-o Grip Review: 501 Blues

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Today I’m going to talk about a little adventure I went on this weekend. Ten-o.com sent me a couple pairs of their 501 Blues buckle grips to review, and I went over to Empire Gymnastics to have some girls try them out.

lots of grips

How did it go? The girls loved them. They broke in so quickly, it took between three and five turns depending on the gymnast after I had rolled them. Alex Grillot (girls competitive coach at Empire) actually said “It’s amazing how quickly they break in.” The girls felt so comfortable in them we actually had to tell them to swing a little smaller just to make sure everything was how it needed to be, and so they didn’t peel.

Tap swingsmall

One gymnast even said that they felt like her old grips within three turns. Three turns to break in grips! It was so nice to see how much time could be saved from the break in process, that can take days.

This little one was so happy with how her grips felt that she said “I actually like swinging bars now!”

All Smiles

The grips were a really nice quality, and came with foam inserts as well, though these girls preferred to swing without them (it really depends on the gymnast). The sandpaper came in the bags (I actually had forgotten about this and was frantically looking for some).

new grips

I always prefer having girls in buckle grips, I think it saves incredible amounts of time on bars. But if you like velcro the awesome 501 Blues come in a velcro version.

Putting on new grips small

Overall, I love these grips. They fit the girls hands well (these girls were sizes 1 and 2 respectively), they broke in more quickly than I’ve seen any other grip break in, the quality was great, and the foam inserts are a great bonus especially if you’ve got kids who need a little more padding on their wrists.

Ten-o Grips // 501 Blues (Buckle Version)

**Thanks to Ten-o for sponsoring this post and letting us try out some awesome grips.

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