Teaching Gymnasts How to Land

Hi All,

Today I thought I would share some thoughts on landings. Teaching gymnasts how to land is incredibly important, and I often don’t think gyms spend enough time on this. Teaching gymnasts how to land correctly can not only only boost scores (reducing steps), but it can also drastically reduce injuries.

This first video talks a little bit about landing mechanics. Brandi Smith Young gives you a really simple exercise you can do with their athletes to strengthen them and there landings. I’m always talking about little things you can do to improve your gymnastics in big ways, and this is one of them. This doesn’t have more than a couple minutes, but it can dramatically reduce injuries, and improve your gymnasts landings.

In this second video Tony talks about some low impact ways to drill landings. Sure you can jump off a high beam and drill sticks 200 times a week, but in the end your athletes bodies are going to suffer. In an effort to still drill those muscles, but keep our athletes healthy, happy and in the gym working here are some great drills.

Train hard!
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