Teaching glides with JAOVideos

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I wanted to share JAOVideos newest video on teaching glides to six year olds. I see a lot of coaches get caught up in kips, kips, and more kips, and they sacrifice a good glide as a result. If you’ve got a great glide to start with, the kips will come much more easily, and JAOVideos does a great job of providing some new glide drills you may not be using.

Teaching glides to six year olds

I’m a big fan of the first drill, getting kids to stick their bottoms out and then under. The other one I really like are the hollow hangs and swings, but not all gymnasts are going to be able to find that shape right away. If they can’t you can start them out basically doing what the gymnast is doing at 1:32 but without the coach assistance, just holding the hollow on the boulder holding the bar, that may be an easier way to start.

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