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Hi All,

So today I’m going to talk a little bit about cast handstands. I’m a big proponent of teaching these early just because I think if you get to them too late you can encounter major problems with fear. I would even do these with your pre-team kids (spotted), just because the earlier you get them upside down on a bar the easier it will be to get them to do it when it’s time.

This first video is a great set-up. Lowish bar and a resi-mat. And then just let the kids have at it. I know there are some people who actually teach cast-handstands with bent knees and then have them straighten them when they learn to lock out their handstands. Not sure which I like better. But either way it’s about the kids being upside down.

This second video is of a gymnast using a type of handstand trainer some of you may not have seen. The principles are the same. It’s a great tool, and once kids have the body tension and technique to do it well it’s a great way to get that cast handstand muscle memory without having issues getting kids on the bar a million times.

Train hard!

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