Taking the time

Hi All,

So I talk a lot about shaping, shaping and proper progressions. I guess my philosophy could be boiled down to one phrase “take the time.” Take the time to do the progressions, to fix the shapes, to explain how things work, to put thought into how you structure your workouts, to work on the things that other people might over look (dance) etc. Take the time. These next two videos are a perfect example of that.

This first drill is a fantastic one. I love the strap method, but if you don’t have one you can use a physio ball, an octagon etc. By the way as I always say you can never have enough floor bars.

This second drill is a really simple, easy, effective side drill that can make a huge difference in your kids muscle memory and shapes. Remember, be meticulous.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Ruth Judson

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