Taking the pressure off the low back

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share two very similar videos one from Dr. Larry Nassar and Dr. Dave Tilley. They are both talking about one very important concept and dealing with it in a similar way and that is taking the pressure off of our gymnasts lower backs by distributing the load more evenly.

Taking Pressure Off Of the Lower Back

Both of these videos show gymnasts increasing their thoracic mobility (upper back), while stabilizing their lumber spine (lower back). We all know that lots of our gymnasts end up with lower back pain (often way too young), and a lot of the problem comes from the distribution of the load (or lack there of). I’ll let the videos speak for themselves, but both Larry Nasser and Dave Tilley have great things to say about taking care of our gymnasts.

Side note: I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you get some foam rollers for your gym.

Train hard!

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