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So today I’m going to do a little post on bars. Namely, strength in body shapes on bars. A kid being able to put themselves in a hollow, or a straight shape is one thing. Maintaining that shape when swinging, being upside down, flipping etc takes a lot more strength than I think some coaches realize. I cannot emphasize enough the need for strength and body control on bars (in the right ways of course). So, here are some videos in that vein.

This first video is just a quick series of drills that can be done in a complex/part of warm-up on bars, as side stations, or for conditioning. This is a really great video to emphasize my basic philosophy that you’re conditioning and prep work need to be done with as much fine detail as your actual “skills.” This is a video that Marcus Harlin posted, and here is a video of one of his kids working bars (note, his kids always look amazing). Put in the work on the front end, it pays off.

This second video is just another drill that can be used for giants (also layouts and a bunch of other things). This one is demonstrated on tumble track, but kids can also grab onto stall bars or a bunch of other things. Again, please note the attention to details.

Tramp Bar // Floor Bars // Octagons

What are your favorite drills for body shapes on bars?

Tramp Bar // Floor Bars // Octagons

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