Summer Bars Side Stations

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Today I thought I would share a couple more side stations (primarily conditioning), that you can be using on bars during the summer. I see SO many gyms wasting precious time on bars by having their girls just stand in line when they are not on the bar. You can easily double your productivity on bars with the right side station set-ups. The most important part of this is to make a clear plan of what you want, and not change it all the time. I’ve seen station set-ups go wrong when coaches choose to do 10 different stations each day, and have to re-explain everything every time they go to bars. One or two new stations is great, but get into a routine so your gymnasts can get right to work.

This first one is a nice set-up for training handstands, and building shoulder strength. Handstands against the wall can only do so much. With a set-up like this the gymnast is gaining strength, but it also gaining a lot of body awareness.

This second video has three exercises but I’m primarily talking about the first and third when it comes to bars. Pike throughs are incredibly hard, so if you’ve got little ones I would spot those until they are strong enough. And ab rollers are just a must for any gym in my mind.

Train hard!

side stations for bars in summer

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