Stellar Strides

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I feel like I’ve kind of been going between posting stuff for higher level compulsories/lower level options, and rec kids lately. And I thought maybe today I’d post something for the lower level compulsory kids. Alright, I have an admission, of all of the things I end up teaching on bars. Mill circles are probably my least favorite, not because they’re particularly hard. For some reason I just have a gross dislike of them (laughs). But, considering they’re in the routines, here are some things that might help. I personally have found 3 or 4 drills that seem to pretty much work for teaching stride circles to 90% of kids. The other 10% I need to come up with a different approach. But find the drills that work for you and your kids and stick with them.

This first video is another one of Jason Mortimer’s. It’s great. If you’re at a loss for where to start, this is a great place.

This second video repeats some of the same drills of the first video, but contains an explanation of how the stride circle should be performed. It also includes some drills not shown in Jason’s.

How do you teach stride circles?

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