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Hi All,

So as you can see in the title I used the word “I” but I was seriously debating using the word “we” because I think this is a problem that many coaches have. Well, alright, I hesitate to say problem, predicament maybe? I think sometimes I (we), that is those of us who do primarily competitive level coaching forget what it’s like to coach the VERY BEGINNERS. Those kids who may have never set foot in a gym, or those still in their first set of classes. Sometimes I find it incredibly difficult flipping back and forth between teaching front layouts and teaching pullovers. With that being said, today’s post has a couple videos of things you can do with your kids who may not be nearly as experienced.

This first video is of a nice little pullover setup. I like it because a) it’s much easier for the kids and b) often the kids can do it by themselves after a few tries and so it helps build confidence.

This second video is a drill I use all the time. It’s a nice little side station, it gets the kids pushing down on the bar and builds strength.

What are your favorite drills for very beginner gymnasts?

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