Self-Correcting Gymnastics

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So I think a trap a lot of coaches fall into is giving TOO MANY corrections. I think sometimes we overload our gymnasts with information, possibly not all of which they understand. I definitely fall into this trap sometimes. I have to remind myself to take a step back and let kids try something a few times before giving another correction (of course this varies by skill and occasion). My favorite drills to find are often drills that themselves tell the gymnast whether they are doing something right or wrong. Here are a few examples.

This first video is one of Al Fong’s. It’s great because you don’t have to say “split more” or “legs higher” over and over again.

This second video not EXACTLY what I wanted to share. I use a very similar drill but have my kids land in a straddle (normally on a tramp, not a tumble trak), which is what I would have liked to share. This ensures that their legs are getting all the way up to where they need to be, or else they will feel that their heels hit first.

What are your favorite side drills? Train hard!

Self correcting gymnastics drills

Photo Credit:
Erin Costa

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