Quick Tip – Yurchenkos – eliminating board fear and developing leg drive

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Today I wanted to do a quick tip on some of my staple yurchenko drills. I use this progression (specifically using a panel mat instead of a spring board), because I feel a lot of technical problems develop in the round off from gymnasts being afraid of hitting the board wrong. When you switch the board to a panel mat, it becomes something they are a lot more used to and therefor have less fear of. All of these progressions in the video are done with cartwheel step-ins, but they can also be done with round-offs.

Quick Tip Eliminating Board Fear and Developing the Back Leg

We start with a normal cartwheel step-in from either a step or a hurdle. After that comes the one leg hopes over a panel mat into a cartwheel step-in. This gets them really thinking about their back leg, and finally we do a hurdle cartwheel step-in up to the panel mat, hurdling over something (foam, panel mat etc). That way I make sure that their back leg is engaged in their hurdle. After that we move onto round-offs, still on the panel mat. Doing these progressions is meant to build consistency. So that when you finally do put the board in the safety zone, their feet are landing in the same place each time.

P.S. – Big thanks so JAG Gym for hosting the clinic that these were shot at.

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