Quick Tip: Uses for pommel horse

Hi All,

I wanted to do a quick tip today on uses for pommel horses. I find that a lot of gyms will have underutilized pieces of equipment (especially boys equipment) because they just don’t know what to do with them. So today’s quick tip is just a few videos of things I have my gymnasts do on pommel horse (but there are lots more).

Quick Tip Uses for pommel horse


This first one I really like especially as a beginning split jump progression. One of the biggest difficulties I see coaches having is getting gymnasts’ back legs straight. This drill takes out the jump, and has the gymnast focus on moving her legs smaller distances while keeping them completely straight.


This second drill (which I’ve posted before, but is worth reposting), is one of my favorite cast handstand and shoulder conditioning drills. One of the benefits to doing it on pommel horse is it saves your gymnasts wrists. I find that they have a LOT less wrist pain (or eventual wrist pain) when you do this drill on a pommel horse versus on a spotting block.

Train hard!

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  1. Amir Ahmad says:

    This side is very good for us because in my country gymnastics is not a papuler game.I’m very interested in this game.im level one gymnastics coach from fig . Swing big coaching is my teacher….

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