Quick Tip – Sample Conditioning Circuit

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share a sample conditioning circuit that you can do with your little ones. With circuits like this, especially when they’re small I like to run them for time. Spending 30-45 seconds on each station makes it so they don’t get bored, and since they each have their own station it often cuts down on the chit-chat that happens during conditioning.

Quick Tip - Sample Conditioning Circuit

In this circuit you’ll notice I’m working on a few specific things especially for this age group. 1) punching with straight knees 2) the compression for kips 3) bars shaping 4) leg tightness (with the foam squeezes). I want to make a lot of the things in my circuits skill specific. Being strong for the sake of being strong is fine, but being strong in a way that helps our gymnastics is what we want.

Looking back, with this age group I might actually change the extensions with the barrel to doing those standing up holding a piece of foam. I think it would do more for body shaping than the extensions are at this point.

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