Quick Tip: Pirouetting On Top of The Bar

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Today’s quick tip is going to be on pirouettes. This is one of my favorite pirouetting drills. Because it actually combines two drills. Pirouettes against the wall which give the gymnast an actual awareness of where handstand is, and 1/4 turns which aid the athlete in pushing through their shoulders and maintaining shape.


This pirouetting drill starts with the gymnasts stomach on the wall. She then flips her first hand performs and quarter pirouette (with feet still on wall) and then the second 1/4 pirouette. The 1/4 pirouetting technique ensures that the gymnast is pushing tall throughout the entire pirouette. Also because her feet are always in contact with the wall it ensures that the entire pirouette is done in handstand. If you ask your gymnasts if the pirouette feels strange they will probably say yes. This is the feeling they should be shooting for when they do them on the bar.

Quarter 14s square.jpg

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Train hard!

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