Quick Tip: Flexibility on Beam

Hi All,

Today I’m doing a quick tip on beam flexibility. This exercise is one of my favorites. I’ll do it with gymnasts starting somewhere around level 3. Not only is this exercise good for stretching/warming-up on beam. But, if you’ve got kids that are really good at it (those who are close to having their shins on their faces), it can be a cool thing to add to their beam routines.


This picture is of a forward extension. After they’ve held this for a few seconds, the gymnast can let go of their leg and hold again (trying to keep their leg where it was). I usually only do that on at the higher levels because it’s very difficult.


This second picture is of the side version. Doing a pass of these forward and a pass of them sideways every beam rotation will do great things for your gymnasts.


If you liked this drill you can find my latest ebook here:
Developing Flexibility and Presentation

Ebook_flexibility and presentationsmall.jpg.jpg

Train hard!

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