Quick Tip: Developing Strong Back Handsprings

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Today I thought I would share my favorite back handspring drill. Before I ever, ever, ever let gymnasts back handspring to their feet I do this drill with them. I want gymnasts to understand, very clearly, that I want open shoulders and open hips at the end of their back handspring.

Quick Tip Developing Backhandsprings small.jpg

Before I do this drill even I start having them do handstand, fall to their stomach. This is because I don’t want them landing on their stomach in an arch. I spot this for a long while before I let them go on their own. But honestly, this is probably the most beneficial back handspring drill I’ve found. The muscle memory that gymnasts develop doing it helps prevent all sorts of bad habits (including but not limited to shoulder angles in back handsprings). It also ends up being a really good side station for 3s, 4s and 5s who may still need to be reminded about their technique in back handsprings.

back handspring drill small.jpg


If you’d like even more basic tumbling drills – you should check out “Beginning Tumbling – Where to start with preschool and rec (from handstands to back tucks)” it’s 94 minutes of easily taught drills and progressions that will lead to bigger and better tumbling.

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Train hard!

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