Quick Drills for Running and Leg Strength

Hi All,

Today I thought I would share two quick drills for developing runs (and general leg strength) in your gymnasts. These drills are super quick, and even if you already have a set of running drills that you do on vault these won’t take much time to add. If you don’t want to add them to your warm-up these can easily be set up as side stations while vaulting.

This first one is a variation of one I see people often do in their gyms. The cool part about this one is that instead of the second having to try and pull against the first gymnast, the second gymnast is standing on a set of sliders. So she’s really just using her body weight. Super neat idea.

This second one is a good hamstring drill. This is one I typically like to do on a physio ball (it makes it harder), but this is a good beginning progression until your gymnasts are strong enough. Remember what matters more is that your gymnasts are doing their conditioning with good form, if something is too difficult for them to do correctly move back to the easier progression for a while.

// Physio Balls //

Train hard!


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  1. Melissa says:

    And the fun part is watching them learn to ski the first time- very entertaining for the coaches to say the least! 🙂

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