Quick drill for teaching body position

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share two videos of the same drill (though at different angles), that can help your gymnasts learn how to make a hollow shape better. Hollow shapes can be hard to teach, and I’m always looking for new drills because I want gymnasts to experience the shape at every angle. So while most people have girls do hollow holds on the floor, you can also do them pushing against a bar standing up, you can do this drill here, you can vary angles of other drills etc. It’s really important that your gymnasts understand how to find this position and not just when laying on the floor.

Here are the two examples. I don’t think I would do it with pointed toes until your kids are very strong, I think you are more likely to lose something in the shape than you are to gain that much in muscle memory.

It’s a super easy drill to set-up especially if you’ve got a couple spare springboards laying around.

Train hard!


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