Progressions for teaching twisting

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Today I thought I would talk a little bit about twisting progressions. Twisting is one of those things that I think some people get hung up on (and granted some kids have a really hard time learning to twist). But today I wanted to show you a couple series of progressions that might make your lives a lot easier.

This first video shows a series of twisting progressions in three different places, tramp, squishy mat, and spotted. It really depends on what works for you and your gym. But I think you can have a lot of success with any of these methods if done correctly. Personally, I go for the tramp method because I think it can correct a lot of errors. One of the most evident ones is pulling the chin down, because then the girls end up sitting up. And I think some of those errors get missed just by doing it into the pit.

This second video is actually the same as one of the drills shown in the video above but with a slightly different tramp set-up. I personally like the 8″ better, but sometimes it can be difficult as it can kind of double bounce the trampoline. If you have that problem you can pretty easily put a strap or something across it to hold it down. This is probably my go to way of teaching twisting, especially if I don’t have a pit. There are other supplemental drills. But with this series of progressions it’s a decent way to get a full.

Train hard!

Twisting progressions

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