Preschool classes: A peak inside

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share some videos that are a peak inside how Gymnastics World does preschool classes. I’m always looking at how other gyms do things, what works, what doesn’t what I think I can implement etc. So it’s always nice to have an inside look into what other people are doing.

This first video is of a preschool bars rotation. Personally with preschoolers I like to put them on a station and tell them all when to switch because I think it cuts down on the chaos but letting kids rotate on their own works for some gyms. I like the drill that they are doing with kicking the ballons. Really, I like anything tactical when it comes to preschoolers, but that seems like they are having a good time with it.

This second video is of a floor rotation. It’s a nice little set-up, very easy for most gyms to put together. If you don’t have a tunnel kids can climb up a ladder or walk across a low beam (sideways even). What I most like about this video is the enthusiasm and encouragement. Kids are active and engaged because they are getting positive reinforcement, and that’s what is going to keep kids in the gym.

Train hard!

Photo Credit: Rising Stars Gymnastics

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