Pre-school (and rec) fundamental skills

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Today I thought I would share a couple really good videos that show a whole bunch of set-ups for a couple fundamental skills. Often with pre-school and rec gymnasts there are only so many skills we can teach, and only so many we WANT to teach. Handstands, cartwheels, rolls etc. They are what the rest of gymnastics is built on. But sometimes it’s hard to keep kids interested if we don’t switch up the stations. These two videos will each show several stations that can be done for each of these skills. Also, each gym has different set-ups and different props, if you don’t have the equipment necessary for one drill, there are a whole bunch of other ones to do.

First off, forward rolls. The one off of the resi mat is a GREAT place to start. Also, that roll back stand up they do at the beginning is super important, don’t skip that step.

Next, handstands. The hand props are one of the best things ever, I’m telling you. They are one of my favorite props in the gym. You can use hula hoops to stand in, or a lot of gyms have carpet squares which also work great.

Train hard!

preschool and rec fundamental skills

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