Pirouetting Drills from Tom Forster

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a couple pirouetting drills from Tom Forster. There are a million ways to go about teaching pirouettes, the more drills you have in your arsenal the better. You just want to make sure that whatever you are teaching is helping your gymnasts create good shapes, and and pirouette timing that will enable them to land on top of the bar every time.

This first drill is one of my favorites. Though there are a couple lead up progressions on floor that I would make sure you do before sticking it on a real bar. Like Tom says, if you don’t teach gymnasts to change their grip and weight earlier than handstand, you are always going to have a late pirouette that just falls over the bar.

This second drill is simple handstand walks across the bar, it helps gymnast develop shoulder strength and the weight shifting abilities they will need to pirouette. It’s also a better place to fix shapes and form than on top of the bar as Tom does here.

Train hard!

My favorite pirouetting drills from Tom Forster

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