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Fun Friday #25

Hi All! YAY Fun Friday! Can you believe it has been 25 weeks already? It seems like it has flown by! I’m always looking for […]

Fun Friday #26

Hi All! Yay for fun Fridays! Alright, so today’s theme is “pre-schoolers.” I sometimes forget how much excitment some of these little ones have for […]

Fun Friday #27

Hi All! These weeks Fun Friday videos are short and sweet so lets get to it. “Double boarding” (what I call it), it one of […]

Fun Friday #28

Hi All, I’ve got some nice videos for you this Fun Friday! Also, if you’re interested I did a guest post for the blog Coaching […]

Fun Friday #29 — 9 year old domination

Hi All, Oh my goodness, this Fun Friday is really fun. I swear the 9 year olds are taking the gym world by storm, lol! […]

Fun Friday — #30

Hi All, HOLY SMOKES! We are at week thirty already? That’s CRAZY. Alright, so today’s Fun Friday is running with the themes of inspiration/motivation. It’s […]

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