Fun Friday #29 — 9 year old domination

Hi All,

Oh my goodness, this Fun Friday is really fun. I swear the 9 year olds are taking the gym world by storm, lol! Really excited about these two little ones. So excited in fact that I had to put up three videos.

This first little one is Savannah Miller from Oakland Gymnastics. Some lovely skills coming out of this nine year old.

This second video is Savannah again. This series may be on the low beam, but guys…she’s 9!! This is definitely one to watch as she grows up.

This second little one is Trista Goodman. If you don’t want to watch physical abilities skip to about 1:30 in the video. I love seeing the girls at this age having so much fun with skill acquisition. Ps. I love seeing coaches having girls do their dismounts up to mats at beam level.

Train hard!

Photo Credit:
Ruth Judson


  1. Sheri B. says:

    Very impressive young gymnasts. That was FUN to watch and appreciate! Thank you for sharing.

  2. […] stumbled across this gymnast in a post from Swing Big.  Trista Goodman is 9 years old and training level 9 at Olympus School of Gymnastics.  Check out […]

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