Oy with the split leaps!

Hi All!

Alright so today’s post is about split leaps. Leaps are a hard thing to teach well, especially to itty bitty gymnasts. The videos that follow are drills I have found work well at combating SOME (not all) common issues I see. What do you do to teach/fix split leaps?

I really like the emphasis on the arms, chest and head in this first drill while working on pushing through the back foot and maintaining a good split. It’s hard to get young gymnasts to do it like this, but once they understand I think it fixes a lot of things.

This second video is a drill I also like a lot, because since the back leg is on a mat gymnasts have an easier time feeling when it’s bend. It’s also great for helping the lift their front legs without dropping their chests.

Train hard!
split leap drills

Photo Credit: Erin Costa

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  1. Sara says:

    I really like the 2nd video, do you think this would be beneficial for teaching Sisonne’s also?

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