Overshoots with Tom Forster and Neil Resnick

Hi All,

I wanted to share a great video on overshoots today. I’ve heard lots of debate about whether to spot or not, how to teach kids to get down from the handstand into the bail etc etc. But I wanted to share this video specifically because it shares so many good things. It’s worth watching from beginning to end.

Teaching overshoots with Tom Forster and Neil Resnick

I REALLY REALLY like the drill where Tom stops the kid when one hand is off the bar. I’ve seen lots of others use it, and it’s a great way of preventing what I call “the flying squirrel.” The video also shows a bunch of stations you don’t have to spot. They also show two different and equally valid ways of getting from the handstand into the swing. On top of all of the actual “stuff” it shows, Tom talks a little bit about WHY he teaches overshoots the way he does.

Like anything else in gymnastics one way isn’t going to work for every gymnast. Find the best drills that work for you, and use them. Neil and Tom are great about pointing out what they do differently from one another and how neither of them is “more right” than the other.

Train hard!


  1. Mike Moosey says:

    Great Job

  2. Wes says:

    Hi Neil,

    Great job. Good to see you’re doing well. I have been coaching off and on throughout the last 40 plus years and am now semi retired. I do researching using classical mechanics for a sub division of my company I retained. The physics provides tremendous insights into movement that I have used well in training gymnastics. Looks like you have a pretty decent handle on it. Feel free to visit my Facebook page. Thanks, Wes

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