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So today’s is a quick post about jumps. There are a few things that I use most commonly when teach jumps 1. panel mats 2. therabands 3. tumbl trak/trampoline and 4. high bars. Between these 4 things I can get most drills I need accomplished. But today I’m sticking to mats/panel mats.


This first one is a straddle jump drill. It’s good for giving kids a little more air time, boosting confidence and making them feel how high their legs should get. Now I should add that once kids have a decent straddle jump I actually reverse this drill and make them straddle up onto a mat. This insures that they are actually jumping UP.


This second drill is for pike jumps but you can turn it around (ie. gymnast has her back to the mat) and use it for straddle jumps, or side/switch side leaps. It’s good for giving kids a way of knowing if they did their jumps correctly without having to say “NOT HIGH ENOUGH!” a thousand times.

Train hard!

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