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Today I’m going to talk a little about handstands. Often in gyms this is one of the first things taught to kids (or at least BEGINNING to be taught to kids), it may take the form of donkey kicks, lunges, levers and various other progressions. But a good handstand is the most necessary skill in gymnastics. Today I’m going to share a few videos that might help.

Teaching handstands

This first video is another AWESOME one by Jason Mortimer. It contains tons of great lead-ups a progressions. The one I end up probably using the MOST out of any of them are the “half handstands” or what I call “pike handstands” and my kids pretty much expect to do them everyday. It’s great for shaping.

This second video is a very interesting/cool video from Leonard Isaacs. I actually LOVE the ideas in this video. I’ve definetly watched it like 6 times. Let me know what you think.

Train hard!

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