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So I’m going to say this only once. YAY BASICS! Alright, sorry. Got that off my chest. So you can probably guess what today’s post will be about. I won’t sit hear and preach about the importance of good basics. I would hope that I have said that enough before. But is it just me or are they actually fun sometimes? I know they get mundane after a while, and we get sick and tired of correcting the same things. But TODAY, TODAY is one of those days I’m really excited about basics.

This first video is a nice little round off drill. I spend inordinate amounts of time on round offs. Possibly too much. But especially if kids end up yurchenko-ing….I just think it’s so important to get right from the start. I might start this drill with feet together and have kids step to a lunge and go, but that’s just me. I also would do it/have done similar things with therabands.

This second video is of elite compulsory testing. It’s very apropos to the basics post. So pretty.

Never overlook the details:

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