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So I feel like I rarely do posts about vault on here (granted, not my favorite thing to coach), but here we go. To day will be another post on yurchenkos! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. This is a vault that TAKES TIME. There are a million drills you can do, and 27 (or more) ways to build up to the same skill. Take your time, figure out what works for you and your kids and don’t sacrifice technique for progression speed.

This first video is one that was put together by Justin Laury. If you’re looking for side stations or things to add to your vault warm-up this is a great place to start.

This second video is really good drill for working turnover in roundoffs onto the board. Start with one panel mat (or a partial panel mat) and work your way up. If you’re kids are able to round-off with good technique up to two panel mats, the likelihood of them being able to turn over their round-off onto the board is much greater.

If you would like to find more drills like these click here for my mini ebook on beginning yurchenko progressions – Beginning Yurchenko Progressions

What are your favorite yurchenko drills?

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